Bring on the puppies!
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Friday, August 24, 2018
By Aura Marzouk Photography
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  A question I get quite often is, "How do you feel about us bringing our dog to the session?" The answer is sooo easy for me. YES PLEASE! I love when my clients include their furry family members in their photo session. For most people with pets, their dogs are a part of the family, and should definitely be considered when planning your session. Some people are concerned that their pet may be too young or untrained and are apprehensive. I can assure you, I have done photo sessions with dogs of many ages and energy levels. In fact, I've photographed hundreds of dogs during my career. I spent years volunteering for a non-profit animal rescue. During that time I had the pleasure of photographing all of the new adoptable animals. This really helped me find my own tricks for getting that perfect shot and to keep even the most nervous puppy calm. My best tip for keeping your puppy calm during your session is simple. Take a deep breath. Don't focus on whether your dog is looking at the camera or not. Follow the instruction of your photographer and we will do the rest. 

 You don't have to include your pet in every part of the session. And usually enlisting the help of a friend or family member to bring them and take them home mid session is a great way to include them without trying to keep an eye on them for the remainder of the day. Whether it be the engagement session, wedding, or bridal session, it's so much fun for me to photograph my clients with their adorable dogs. Enjoy this collection of a few of my favorite puppy photo moments. 

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